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Accurate, Quality & 100% Human Generated 

A Trusted Service with 99% Accuracy

Human Transcription, Translation, Typing and Content writing service with 99% accuracy, best in Quality and Affordable price

Complete Solution For All Your Business Needs!

Best-in-class, 99% accurate, Human Generated Transcription, Translation, Professional Typing and Content Writing services, experts in 20+ languages. Everything you need for world-class quality audio and video transcription, translation and typing service is here.

Document Typing Service

document typing services

Typing services are highly sought after wherever documents need to be copied from one source to another. Professional typing services bring you accurate, fast and reliable typing solutions across any of your requirements.

TransB Services, all your typing projects can get an expert treatment that they duly deserve.

copywriting service

Content Writing Services

Content is important not only to convert your visitors into sales leads, high quality content can also play a big role in boosting up your SEO efforts.  A quality driven content writing service lets you convert your ideas into a compelling content that can support all of your business processes and objectives.

Audio & Video Transcription Services

Transcription is a major component of language services. Many industry segments face the need to convert spoken audio into textual content, which describes what ‘transcription’ is. Some of the foremost sectors that we support transcription services are media, medical, legal, marketing, and education etc.

transcription services

Audio & Text Translation Services


The translation is the transmission of written text from one language to another language (the target). Although translation and interpretation mostly used interchangeably, by actual definition, translation refers to the written language, and interpretation refers to the spoken language.

Trusted by over             + Happy Customers


This is What our clients say about us

Transcription service were great, requirements were clearly understood and turnaround time was top notch. No constraints faced during the completion.

Literally blown away by the transcription's 100% accuracy and the incredible speed with which it was done! Wow! The 3500 word transcription of a lengthy phone call between two medical scientists often using complex terms was just perfect.

They were able to transcribe at ease, I was worried about the completion however no compromise in quality or time. Extremely satisfied with the work and service rendered

Transcribed results were so accurate as I had 100 minutes of data that needs to be converted. It was completed on time. The customer service was approachable and they are people's company. Accuracy at its best.

Benefits of choosing us for your Transcription needs

99% Accuracy

Our audio transcripts are accurate, easily accessible and user-friendly. Every file goes through a rigorous quality checking process before delivery. 

100% Human Transcription

We only work with human transcribers with exceptional skills in transcription. 

Proof Reading

we run our deliverables through state of the art proof-reading tools and get them rechecked by skilled human editors to help meet your deadlines.

Secure Data

The ultimate benefit of choosing us for your transcription needs is that your source information is completely secure and confidential with us.

All New AI Assistant Tool! Coming Soon!!

 Multilingual Language Support


TransB Services is the preferred transcription & translation partner for several prestigious clients from different industries. We can accept translation projects from any language to any language and give you budget friendly rates.

We can provide translation services across a big list of different language pairs that include English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Hindi, Bengal, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.




























Indian Languages

English Transcription Service Rates

At TransB Services, we value transparency and close collaboration with our clients and no hidden fees, 

Get an accurate quote on our transcription services up front.

Turnaround Time
5 days
3 days
1 Days
6-12 Hrs
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Customer Satisfaction


Satisfied Customers


Supported Languages


Qualified Profesionals

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the quality of transcription?

Our quality of transcription should be in 99% accuracy and we do only hire the native transcribers how can deliver the good quality and accuracy.

No, we do not use any automated software to transcribe. We only work with100% human transcribers with exceptional skills in transcription. Every file goes through a rigorous quality checking process before delivery.

Do you use automated software to transcribe?

Are your translators are certified?

Yes, our translators are certified as per USCIS standards.

We always go that extra mile to ensure that our customers and client files are completely secure with us and give you the most reliable transcripts even across the most challenging projects. Transparent pricing model, dedicated customer support, and the ability to match with industry’s best transcribing standards are our core strengths that have helped us develop a loyal and prestigious customer base.

How do you keep my information secure?

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