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Advantages of Outsourcing Your Medical Transcription Project

Medical transcription

Outsourcing transcription services has been around us for many years now. Medical transcription services have a huge following among hospitals, clinics, independent medical practitioners, general physicians, and a variety of other medical firms. Medical transcription services have been fulfilling the multifarious transcription needs of these clients.

Who needs medical transcription services?

If you are a hospital or a multi-specialty clinic, a professionally managed medical transcription provider can manage the complete suite of your medical transcription needs. Upon completing the tasks, these companies also submit system reports to referring doctors on behalf of your company. A large number of medical transcription companies around the globe provide top-notch medical transcription services ensuring 100% compliance with HIPAA.

Advantages of outsourcing medical transcription

One of the significant advantages of medical transcription services is access to error-free medical transcriptions with a quick turnaround time. The workflow delivered by these firms is checked by quality analysts, editors and content writers. These are completely HIPAA compliant and the reports are made as per professional standards. Some of the salient features of medical transcription companies include continuous support and affordable prices across their quality workflow.

Types of medical transcription outsourcing

Depending on the typical needs of the clients, medical transcription services customize their offerings. Based on your situation and preferences, you can choose the package that best suits you.

Complete Outsourcing refers to end-to-end transcription services wherein the transcription company manages the total control of your information. This type of outsourcing is also known as remote data processing solutions.

Partial Outsourcing arrangement refers to transferring a part of your transcription work to the outsourcing companies so that the additional workload of your existing staff is reduced to be available for other core activities. The volume of transcription works assigned to firms as part of this package can vary from time to time depending on your situation and needs.

Backup Outsourcing is the third alternative under transcription outsourcing. You can opt for this type of work when you face an unanticipated system breakdown or an increase in workload. In this case, the medical transcription provider will provide the much-needed assistance in managing the sudden workflow and help manage the situation effectively without any interruptions.

Why outsource medical transcription?

By outsourcing medical transcription workflow to a competent medical transcription services provider, you land on several benefits including the following.

• You save on taxes and fringe benefits payable to in-house staff

• Downtime at zero costs and exclusion of management costs and hassles

• No need to invest in equipment and technology

• Ability to save more office space to be allocated for other crucial processes

• Pay only for what you get and nothing more

• Avoid the hassles of managing the transcription projects in-house to be able to focus on other core businesses

Performance benefits from medical transcription outsourcing

Access to quality work

Many front-end medical transcription providers assure 99% commitment to quality with a negligible error rate on the workflow they deliver. Commitment to accuracy comes only with experience. Companies that have experienced staff can ensure the delivery of error-free work.

Quick turnaround time

Most medical transcription services work with a quick turnaround time. Combining this with the global time difference advantage of companies working from the east, the outsourcing firms in countries like the USA get swift output within the next working day.

Qualified transcriptionists

Medical transcription service providers employ qualified transcriptionists who have gone through medical transcription courses and several other related pieces of training. They are also up-to-date with the latest processes in the medical industry and the latest medical terminologies.

HIPAA compliance training

A large number of outsourcing companies ensure compliance with international healthcare guidelines. They strictly follow the healthcare processes and are found 100% HIPAA compliant. They also make their employees undergo HIPAA training periodically. They also ensure to maintain the security and confidentiality of the workflow and client data.


Medical transcriptionists go through training in precise medical record transcription with a focus on all the specialties before getting inducted. Professionally formed and managed medical transcription teams including Quality Associates, Client Account Managers, Transcriptionists, proofreaders, or Editors.

In order to ensure quality output, medical transcription firms devote medical transcriptionists to match the exact needs of their clients. This is done to make sure that they get fit with the process and pronunciation of the physician dictating.


The typical workflow involved in medical transcription includes a five-step process.

#1. In the first place, dictation is taken from the client server or FTP by the account manager assigned. This is forwarded to the transcriptionist.

#2. The transcriptionist writes down the audio on the templates prescribed. The files created thus are sent for proofreading.

#3. During proofreading, the transcript is reviewed and the complete batch is given to the quality team. The feedback is then sent to the transcription for review with the necessary corrections and changes carried out.

#4. The quality team performs quality checks by collecting samples in a random fashion. Feedback is provided to the proofreaders and transcriptionists.

#5. The completed transcripts are forwarded to the account manager who will review and submit the same to the client.


Medical transcription has highly evolved over the years. The modern technology used for medical transcription comprises recorders, digital machines, secure networks, recorders, laptops, and several other types of equipment. Medical transcription software ensures swift processing and accuracy across the workflow. The use of digital data recorders for recording patient data and speech recognition software has come to play a big role in today’s transcription scenario.

These solutions also work in coordination with advanced word processors, databases, and email software. Some of the other useful additions to the transcription system include grammar and spell check tools, abbreviation expanders, and invoice and billing software.

Take Away

To be able to improve the workflow across medical transcription, it is very important that you do some research to find the best medical transcription service provider. Good and reliable transcription service must be accurate, quick, and cost-effective. The technology used across medical transcription is continuously advancing and hence it is necessary that the company you choose updates its processes and technology in line with the developments around it. Also, staff training, strict adherence to quality, quality checking processes, and other process refinement tools can ensure the delivery of accuracy across the medical transcription workflow.



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