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TransB Services Vs. GoTranscript Pricing


Transcription has become a highly in-demand service across several industries. Major industries including education, law, medicine, media and business are largely depending on transcription services. Transcription services have totally transformed how data is collected, stored and analyzed.

Off late, two popular transcription services have commanded wider attention across several industry segments for their offerings related to transcription services including TransB Services and GoTranscript. Both these firms are reputed players in the transcription industry providing high-quality transcription services. However, the difference in their offerings is noted in terms of many other aspects like accuracy, price, customer support, turnaround time, features, user experience, security, audio formats accepted, industry-specific transcription services and confidentiality.

Comparing TransB Services and GoTranscript Pricing

In this post, we compare the two transcription giants TransB Services and GoTranscript in order to help you understand which of these transcription firms will best suit your specific situation and requirements.


When choosing a transcription services provider, cost is the most important factor any customer needs to consider. In many cases, a high price is never a guarantee of quality. While you can avail of the best quality transcription services at a lesser price, it hardly makes any sense in throwing away those extra bucks down the drain, which you can save and use for some other useful expenses. At the same time, remember the quality of transcription cannot be compromised, which always comes with a price.

TransB Services offers the most competitive price range for transcription services starting from $0.70 per audio minute while the prices charged by GoTranscript start from $0.84.

Nevertheless, it is also important to make a note that the prices can vary depending on the quality of transcription you prefer. High-quality transcription always invites high costs.


The paramount consideration in transcription services is accuracy. Both TransB Services and GoTranscript assure high levels of accuracy across their transcription services. Both these firms are known to ensure a 99% accuracy rate.

AI platforms have entered every known industry domain and transcription is not an exception. AI in transcription services ensures quick turnaround time. AI transcription costs significantly lesser for companies.

Transcription customers need to understand that while comparing AI and human transcription, human transcription is the clear winner.

Firms like TransB Services lay a great emphasis on accuracy and hence are not willing to resort to AI transcription tools. TransB Services has employed highly skilled human transcriptionists who are well-trained in audio transcription and can ensure the highest levels of accuracy across their transcription.

A good advice to choose the right firm for your transcription services is never to choose a firm whose transcription processes are AI-powered. TransB Services not only provides human transcription services, but it also ensures that the transcribed files go through a multi-step quality control process to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

Turnaround Time

The next critical factor to expect in the transcription services provider you go to is turnaround time. Both TransB Services and GoTranscript offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the audio transcription services industry. The different options to choose from are 2-4, 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours delivery times. While choosing your transcription services provider, you must remember that speedier turnaround times come at a higher price. So, choose the package wisely depending on how urgent the project is for you. Since the prices of all the different packages of TransB Services are considerably lesser than those of GoTranscript, choosing TransB Services is a wise move you can make across your transcription needs.

Customer Support

In transcription services, customer support is a prime quality you must check in the provider especially when you have an ongoing need for transcription. Always check if the transcription services provider you go to has a dedicated team for customer support in order to respond to the queries and resolve the issues the customers might face.

TransB Services offers seamless customer support 24/7 via chat and email while GoTranscript provides 24/7 support via call, chat, and email. TransB Services has been bagging several encouraging positive reviews from its customers regarding the quality of its customer support.

User Experience

TransB Services and GoTranscript provide user-friendly platforms for their customers. Their user interfaces are intuitive and feature-rich to provide a great user experience to every customer visiting their portals. A large number of customers have left positive reviews about the user experience ensured by the user interface provided by TransB services.


Both TransB Services and GoTranscript provide a wide range of features for their customers to improve their transcription services. Some of the features to expect from GoTranscript are speaker identification, time stamping, captioning and verbatim transcription.

The time stamping and verbatim transcription of TransB Services have received great appreciation from customers across different industry segments. The features of TransB Services are also highly customizable so that the users can conveniently choose the exact levels of transcription they need.

Security and Confidentiality

Protecting their clients’ data is of paramount importance to transcription firms. Both TransB Services and GoTranscript have several robust security measures in place to ensure the above including encryption to secure the audio files during transfer and storage.

Further to this, TransB Services has a set of comprehensive additional security measures in place in addition to a strict confidentiality policy.

Industry-Specific Transcription

TransB Services provides highly customized transcription services depending on the unique requirements of their clients across different industries like education, business, legal, medical and media. Their human transcribers are well trained with the latest terminologies in these industries and also the industry-specific jargon so that they can provide highly reliable transcription services.

Though GoTranscribe also provides industry-specific transcription services, the firm has limited areas of specialization when compared to those of TransB Services.


TransB Services and GoTranscript are highly popular and the most reliable transcription services providers known for accuracy, quick turnaround time and great customer support. However, TransB Services stands out among the others in the transcription industry in terms of its highly competitive pricing, better accuracy rates, a host of customizable features, a great user experience, and several advanced security measures and policies.

In addition, the specialized transcription services for different industries provided by TransB Services make this firm an ideal option for those that need accurate transcription of industry-specific terms and jargon. While looking for faster and more affordable transcription services, you will find TransB Services certainly a better option.



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