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How to Get the Most Out of Your Audio Transcription Service Provider in 2023

Audio Transcription services provider

Till recently, professionals had to manage their transcription needs in-house spending enormous time typing out the records. Transcribing video and audio files is one of the crucial needs for businesses across different industries. Now we see the proliferation of audio-to-text transcription services, which are helping businesses with their transcription needs in a quick, accurate and affordable fashion. With different types of transcription services to choose from, picking up the right one can feel like an overwhelming experience. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best audio transcription service and the advantages of human transcription services.

The objective of your transcription

The fundamental question to consider while choosing a speech-to-text transcription service is to know your objectives. While a podcast transcription for instance does not require minute attention to details, transcribing a police interview must produce an accurate account of the source file. If the objective of your transcription is highly important, human transcription is the best option as the transcriptionists listen by ear and type out what they hear.

Professional human transcriptionists are well-trained in their specific transcription fields. Therefore, they are highly familiar with industry-specific terms, formatting needs and policies. For example, legal and medical transcriptionists require elaborate training in the right kind of formatting and must be familiar with confidentiality and privacy laws.

Your budget for the transcription services

How much can you afford to allocate for your transcription needs is the second question you must answer. There are three popular models of billing transcription projects. Pay by the word model charges for the number of words transcribed, pay by the minute model charges based on the time spent on transcription, and the third model charges a monthly subscription fee for a pre-decided volume of transcription work.

The time you can spend

If you have enough time to edit the transcribed content and if you want to save a few bucks on your transcription needs, you may find speech-to-text or automatic transcription service an affordable option. However, if professional transcription is your expectation, you must choose Human Generated transcription services which will save you the hassles of editing and formatting the document.

Is accuracy important for transcription?

Transcription options other than human transcription cannot assure 99% accuracy. Humans speak in countless variety of styles and only a human can be well versed with the diverse kinds of accents, intonations and cadences.

If you choose an audio transcription service other than human transcription, you must be willing to spend some time and money to clean up the transcribed content. In general terms, you must understand that the higher the accuracy expectations, the higher will be the cost you will have to bear. If you have a shortage of time, the best idea is to opt for human transcription which can produce perfect or near-perfect results.

Do you need professional formatting?

Formatting needs differ between industries. Your business might want a specific kind of formatting for the transcription like speaker identification, and time stamps. The popular output most transcription services provide includes ‘intelligent verbatim’ transcriptions. Therefore, if you need verbatim or fully edited transcription, human transcription can only meet your needs.

Are security and confidentiality important to you?

If security and confidentiality of the content subjected to transcription are important for your industry domain, you will find human transcription the best option since professional human transcription services sign up NDAs and are HIPAA compliant.

While choosing your audio transcription services provider, make sure they have policies to protect your data including secure servers, well-trained transcriptionists, and end-to-end encryption. Professionally managed transcription services and perform background checks before recruiting transcriptionists. Also, they protect their documents with passwords for more security.

The advantages of choosing Human Transcription

Human transcription is the process of carrying out audio transcription by a human rather than with the help of speech recognition software. Though human transcription is the most expensive among the different options in front of you, it is the most reliable, hassle-free, accurate and the most secure. The advantages of human transcription include the following:

  • Customized formatting as per your needs

  • The accurate transcription that is thoroughly reviewed for errors

  • Ability to transcribe unique accents

  • Ability to differentiate between speakers

  • Possibility to choose between verbatim transcription or edited transcription

Why choose TransB Services?

TransB Services is one of the best audio transcription services provider that provide human-transcription services backed by trained transcriptionists. TransB Services provides a variety of speech-to-text transcription services including podcast, legal, media, and academic transcription. By choosing TransB Services for your transcription needs, you can find

  • Custom formatted transcripts for your exact requirements

  • Confidentiality and best practices including compliance with HIPAA rules

  • Accurate transcription despite having to transcribe the audio or video files of multiple speakers with unique accents

  • Quick turnaround time as per your urgency

  • The best pricing in the industry is $0.70 per minute

  • Excellent customer support over long-term needs

Audio Transcription Services Provider - FAQs

What is audio transcription?

Audio transcription is the professional conversion of audio recordings into text files. While there are automated software platforms available for this purpose, the best audio transcription services use only humans to transcribe the audio content for high levels of accuracy.

Can I transcribe for professional needs?

Yes, anyone who can understand and type out the listened text can transcribe. However, the significant advantages of going for a professional audio transcription services provider include accuracy, quick turnaround time, professional formatting, and perfect results free of errors. Therefore, human transcription services like TransB Services are the best option for professional transcription.

Can MP3 files and video files be transcribed?

Yes, professional transcription services like TransB Services accept to transcribe video and MP3 content.

What is the cost of audio transcription services?

The cost of audio transcription services differ based on the length of your recording, the level of accuracy you expect and the dialects the transcriptionists have to deal with. For single-speaker audio transcription, TransB Services charges $0.70 per minute for a six-hour turnaround time.

Your One-stop destination for transcription services

When it comes to professional audio transcription requirements, you always need a reliable, experienced, dedicated and professionally managed company to entrust your projects. TransB Services is your one-stop destination for the complete suite of audio transcription services. Affordability, quick turnaround time and error-free audio transcription are the hallmarks of TransB Services which justify placing your trust in us for all your transcription needs.



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