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Most Affordable Transcription Services for Audio and Video

Audio and video transcription services

Transcription Services have risen in popularity over recent years. The phenomenal growth of digital media across podcasts, online courses, and webinars have contributed to the increase in demand for audio and video transcription services. There are several benefits to transcribing audio and video content into written text like supporting search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, making the content more accessible, and helping in language translation.

One of the biggest challenges in transcription is that non-native speakers will find it a laborious and highly time-taking process. This is the reason why most people and businesses look for professional transcription services that are affordable and assure speed and accuracy. In this article, you will learn about some reputed transcription services that are affordable too. In the process, you will learn why TransB Services is the best low-cost source for your professional audio and video transcription needs.

Low-Cost Audio and Video Transcription Services

Here is a review of a few pocket-friendly audio and video transcription services based on their features, pricing, and customer reviews.


GoTranscript is a popular transcription services provider providing human transcription backed by

professional transcriptionists across 40 languages. They also provide a 5-minute free trial and their prices per audio-minute transcription start from $0.84. Some of the features they offer include verbatim, speaker labels, and time stamps. They are a reliable transcription provider offering a user-friendly interface and quick turnaround time.


Among popular transcription service providers offering cheap translation services, Rev is a well-known player. They provide both automatic transcription services and human transcription services. While they assure 80-85% accuracy across their automated transcription processes, the prices of their human transcription start from $1.50 per audio minute of transcription. They too provide other services like subtitling, translation, and captioning.


Scribie is another provider of audio transcription services among cheap transcription services. They assure an accuracy level of 99% across their human transcription deliverables. The company website says they provide a 100% money-back guarantee if the quality of their transcription does not meet the standards expected by the client. They too provide a 30-day storage period for transcribed content. Their audio transcription prices start from $1.25 per audio minute.


TranscribeMe has employed a hybrid audio transcription model by overlapping AI and human transcription processes. Their charges for human-based audio transcription start from $1.50 per audio minute. They have a minimum order size of $15. Their other features include verbatim, speaker identification, and timestamps all for additional charges. For clean audio or video files, they assure the highest accuracy and fastest delivery.


TranscriptionHub provides reliable and affordable transcription services across diverse kinds of requirements. The charges for their audio transcription start from $1.25 per audio minute. Their team of transcriptionists is well-trained to provide timely and accurate transcripts. They provide 24/7 customer support and transcribe multiple languages. They have a user-friendly interface.


For customers looking for automated as well as human transcription, Sonix is another popular choice. Providing a comprehensive suite of transcription services, some of their additional features include time stamping, catering to different formatting requirements, and speaker identification. Their company website says their automated transcription might not be as accurate as their human-based transcription. Their prices for audio transcription start from $1.25 per audio minute.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription provides same-day and next-day services and they accept to do custom formatting based on the customer’s requirements. The company says it can guarantee 99% accuracy and assures data security. The audio and video transcription services provider works with US-based human transcriptionists. Their minimum pricing per audio-minute transcription is $1.25.

Happy Scribe

Happyscribe is another popular player in the transcription services industry. They call their online portal transcription and subtitles an all-in-one platform. Their transcription model works with advanced A.I. working alongside accomplished language professionals. They specialize in audio-to-text transcription services and adding subtitles to videos. Their transcription rates start from $2.25 per audio minute.

Vanan Services

The portfolio of transcription services that Vanan Services provides includes transcription, translation, voice-over, subtitling, translation, captioning, audio description, and typing. Their company website says, their transcription services cover any language, any content, and any format. Their transcriptionists are native language experts and they can cater to rush and super-rush orders. Their pricing per minute audio is $1.00.

TransB Services

If you are looking for a trusted audio and video transcription service that can assure 99% accuracy across all its deliverables, TransB Services can be your smart choice. We have a huge customer base and versatile experience in catering to the transcription needs of diverse industry segments. We do not provide machine or automated transcription as we work to provide the best accuracy rate in the industry backed by human transcriptionists. Hence our transcription services are 100% human generated with native transcribers and cover any content and any format. We have an easy ordering process and 24/7 customer support. We too provide translation, typing, and content-writing services. Why we are the best transcription services provider because they combine quality with the best pricing. Among all the transcription services we reviewed above, TransB Services prices are the lowest starting from $0.70.

Take Away

Transcription is a highly needed service for several industries like research, education, business, medical, legal, media, and many others that have to deal with audio and video content. Transcription services help save time and enhance the accessibility of the content. Transcription is the best way to improve the overall content quality.

The translation industry today is densely populated with a large number of providers. However, it is crucial to do some research and choose the one that can meet your desired accuracy levels and budget and can work with a quick turnaround time.

TransB Services is one of the best transcription services providers that can ensure 99% accuracy and the lowest rates in the industry. Since we provide only human transcription with the help of native speakers, they can assure top-class audio transcription services.

TransB Services enjoys a strong reputation in the industry from clients hailing from different industry backgrounds and hence they have a versatile experience that any firm requiring transcription services can bank on. We have a user-friendly interface and great customer support bringing repeat customers. When looking for an accurate, reliable, and affordable transcription services provider, you will find TransB Services, the best choice.



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